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Interior and Exterior Branding

Using window and wall space is an effective way to advertise and enhance your image.

A storefront has always been valuable space in which to advertise, but the printing methods and graphics available today outshine those times past. Beautiful attractive designs that incorporate eye-catching colors and strong words can change your windows from mere architectural elements to optimal advertising space. A strong compelling design can inform and entice passersby and draw them into your business.

Brand your business with graphics.

When considering graphics for your windows and walls, use a branding strategy for a strong impact. Branding involves using a coordinated set of imagery, colors, fonts and styles to create a personality for your business.

Mobile advertising reaches the entire socioeconomic spectrum of Americans.

Business owners and corporations nationwide are discovering the power and benefits of mobile advertising. Studies show that mobile advertising reaches more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) than any other types of outdoor advertising. Instead of paying large sums for temporary exposure on billboards, radio, or television, a relatively small investment in vehicle graphics provides huge exposure that last for years. In addition to owning your best marketing tool, you also have control over where and when customers and potential customers see your advertising. Below are several strategies and suggestions for getting the most out of your investment.

  • Drive vehicle daily to and from work and on errands.
  • For maximum exposure, park your vehicle in front of your business.
  • Research your business’ demographics and drive your vehicle where your potential clients may gather. If you sell sports gear, then frequenting local sports events is ideal.
  • If you participate in trade shows, incorporate your vehicle in the display out in front or as backdrop for products and personnel.
  • Use Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media to help promote and brand your business. Encourage people to post pictures of your vehicle in order to win a prize or coupons.
  • In addition to your company’s name and logo, add striking, eye-catching graphics to draw attention to your vehicle.

Maximize all your available
marketing space.

Successful businesses often embrace unique marketing tools and strategies to set themselves apart from competition. Advertising where a consumer least expects it adds power to the message and leaves a strong impression. In addition to making a strong impact, floor graphics are a low-cost way to get value out of otherwise unused space.

Recent advancements in materials and printing technology have made floor graphics an even better option for marketing. Graphics can be adhered to a wide range of surfaces including tile, hardwood, vinyl, carpet, concrete, and asphalt. Designs can cover expansive areas or consist of separate elements that are strategically placed. Creative designs can transform a space into a unique environment that surrounds the viewer. Well thought out graphics can change a viewer into a participant. Designs can direct people down pathways towards a special event or interact with products or store displays

Our floor graphics are quick and easy to apply and do not damage floors or leave marks when removed. We use an anti-slip finish to ensure that floor graphics comply with health and safety regulations.

Be creative.

When considering where to place your graphics, be imaginative and conceptualize using the entire space available including vertical spaces. Images or advertisements can begin on the surface of a wall and then “spill” onto the floor. Having an image flow from one plane onto another is unexpected and creates excitement. That’s exactly what you want when branding your business’ image or advertising your products, services, or special event.

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