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LED Retrofit

Through Professional Sign Services’ retrofit services, existing facilities can enjoy the full benefits of energy efficient, modern lighting. Retrofit upgrades not only provide better quality illumination but also deliver short- and long-term savings through rebates, tax incentives, and lower energy costs. There is no reason high electric bills have to be part of doing business. PSS can evaluate your current system to determine potential sources of savings and develop retrofit services plans that can be implemented immediately, over time or as part of a planned service update. TVA has details on the rebates available to businesses in our area. If you think you may qualify for rebates or have questions about Energy Savings Analysis, give us a call and we will walk you through it.

PSS worked diligently with companies around the region to retrofit from incandescent to compact flourescent lighting, saving millions in energy costs and easing the burden on our electrical grid. Several companies are ready to make the shift again into L.E.D. lighting for additional savings. However, there are sometimes increased costs with certain LED retrofits so it is important to discuss your options with a professional.

Executing a retrofit plan for your facilities could:

  • Increase light levels and enhances light quality
  • Decrease lighting energy use by 50% or more
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs
  • Provide rebates (as much as 60% of whole project)
  • Be eligible for tax savings (as part of 2005 Energy Policy Act)
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Enable better quality control
  • Provide easier operation (instant on/off)
  • Increase Safety
  • Be better for the environment

Visit our Portfolio for articles and examples of recent projects. We will work with you to provide solutions to fit your lighting needs.

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“Professional Sign Services’s team is the perfect partner for our company’s largest national construction-based project. Their attention to detail and knowledge allowed our joint efforts to exceed our client’s expectation and we look forward to partnering again on future projects.”

Elise Fine
Project Manager for Bailiwick

“Professional Sign Services has been such a pleasure to work with. They go above and beyond to get all of our projects completed on time and do so in the most professional manor. Their staff and field technicians are knowledgeable and have a mind for on-site problem solving to help come up with a solution to any issues that may arise. I consider PSS to be an invaluable partner who helps me meet my customer’s expectations with every project that they touch.”

Wanda Yarborough
Project Manager for Atlas

“I have been working with Professional Sign Services now for 3+ years. The whole team you deal with is very professional. This is a company that does what they say they will do. All jobs I have partnered with them on came in on budget, and on time.”

“The install crew is awesome. If an issues arise in the field, they think on their feet and come up with solutions, not excuses. I would highly recommend Professional Sign Services for all your signage and lighting needs.”

Kevin Horne
Senior Program Manager for Stratus